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General Wedding Gown Tips
  • So you did the smart thing and gave yourself plenty of time to get the dress in and have it altered, but now you’ve got four months to go and it is getting a little crowded in your studio apartment. Ask your bridal  or seamstress shop if you can store your dress there. You will guarantee that it will be properly taken care of and you won’t have to worry about spoiling the surprise for anyone.
  • When it comes time to take your bridal portraits, speak to your bridal shop about steaming/pressing your dress for you before the scheduled day. Be sure to call them at least a week before, because if they are steaming your dress it will need time to hang dry. Also, be sure to bring along a cloth sheet or plastic visqueen (something clear or that is close to the same shade as your dress) for you to sit on and tennis shoes.  Just in case your portrait location is a beautiful Oak tree covered yard that just happens to be mushy because it rained all day the day before.  
  • Be sure your seamstress goes shows you and your designated bustler how to bustle your dress correctly before the day of the wedding. Some bustles can be very complicated so you will want to have a good idea of how it works so you are not held up in the powder room trying to figure it out and wasting plenty of socializing time
  • Have your dress pressed/steamed a day or two before your wedding before you pick it up. If it is going to be steamed, it will need time to hang dry before it can be worn.
  • Pack an emergency kit (see TheWeddingMarket.com website for a copy of the packing list) the day before your wedding for any possible mishaps.
  • Accidently prick your finger with a corsage pin and now you've got blood on your dress? Wet a Q-tip with your own saliva, then gently rub it on top of the wet blood. The acids in your saliva will break down the stain.
  • If you're driving to a different location for your ceremony, you'll need to, taking care to avoid greasy door locks, dirt, and dust. You should also avoid sitting on the back of your gown; pull it up behind you and lean forward in your seat. After all, you've got pictures to take and a long reception to make it through! If you plan to take pictures outside, have an attendant bring along a pillowcase so you won't have to sit or stand directly on the ground and suffer grass stains.
  • Decide in advance when you'll bustle the train. Though some brides wait until after the first dance, most choose to bustle their train after the ceremony (sweep trains, detachable models, and train-free gowns are of course the exception here). It helps to have a designated bustler like a wedding consultant, family member, or maid of honor who has accompanied you to your last fitting to learn the ins and outs of your gown. Bustles can be complicated so make your seamstress goes over it with you guys.
  • Brace yourself: Going to the ladies' room is also a two-person job. You may want to ask your bustler to pitch in here, too, for help in lifting your gown. Note to those of you in big ball gowns: don't be shocked if you actually have to step out of your gown altogether for that trip to the toilet.
  • Be sure to ask your Bridal shop consultant about wedding gown preservation. You never know, you might have a daughter one day to pass your dress along to.
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