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The Best Man's Checklist         Print this page

Packing for The Wedding Day

If for some reason you do not have a Wedding Coordinator to help you remember all of those little, but necessary things, we have typed up a check list for the wedding party and an Emergency Kit list to help you pack for your wedding day.

The Best Man is responsible for a few more things than just standing in the wedding & looking good. Here's a checklist for him to follow for the wedding day.

    Before the Wedding
  • Plan the bachelor's party
  • Take charge of the ushers. Go over the seating with them at the rehearsal.
  • Check honeymoon reservations
  • Bringing all of the necessary paint-safe items to decorate the car with
    The Wedding Day
  • Help the groom with final preparations, packing and loading
  • Making sure the groom has the tickets and all the necessary paper work for the honeymoon
  • Take charge of bringing the grooms going away clothes to the reception
  • Bring the Bride's wedding ring
  • Have and deliver the license and the clergyman's fee at the wedding
  • Decorate the car
  • Help the newlyweds escape on time after the reception
    After the Wedding
  • Load and take all of the gifts and food to their house
  • Return the groom's tuxedo after the wedding
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