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Questions to ask Your Prospective Videographer
  • How long have you been in business?
  • Be sure to watch their work from past weddings. Ask to see an actual ceremony, along with a photo montage or highlight reel.
  • How many weddings have you videoed?
  • Is he/she a member of any national or local video associations?
  • Has he/she ever worked with your other vendors before?
  • What do their camera operators wear during your wedding?
  • Has he/she ever shot a wedding/reception at your locations before? If so, ask to see the footage.
  • What type of packages/pricing to they offer? What all does the package include? (Like how many hours of coverage and editing or how many cameras/camera operators does it include. Also ask about extras like photo montages, special packaging and how many copies you will be receiving.)
  • How do your camera operators make sure that collectively they are getting the best shots during the wedding/reception?
  • What do they do if there are any rules and regulations on equipment set up at the ceremony location?
  • Do they have any rules about guests being allowed to bring their own videocameras?
  • What types of cameras, tapes, lighting and microphones will the videographer use? How new is the equipment? It might all sound like a foreign language to you so ask him/her to break down the benefits of using this equipment.
  • How will they ensure that their camera operators will not be obstructive during the ceremony?
  • How long will it take after the wedding is over to get the finished product?
  • What are his/her cancellation, deposit and payment policies?
  • Why should you hire them over any other Videographer?
  • Any question or concern you have should be asked about, whether you think it may be important or not.
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