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Why You Should Hire a Professional
  • Value-help save you money by devising a budget, suggestions, alternatives
  • Stress Reduction-A mediator, liaison, sounding board, support on all levels
  • Time Management- Itinerary, scheduling, time-lines
  • Creativity-Assist with color scheme, themes, favors, ideas for a unique ceremony/reception
  • Personal Attention- To the bride and groom needs and request
  • Attention to detail-Specification of the wishes of the bride and groom, vendors, every aspect of the event
  • Experience in the industry-Offer suggestions, knowledge, recommendations for your budget, resources, etc…
  • Etiquette- address any and all etiquette concerns
  • Direction-Keep you from making critical mistakes.
  • Coordination-So you and your family can enjoy your special day.
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